2019 LBA Election Saga : Meet new President elect Abraham Samukai

It was an impossible task after more than 2 years at the held of affair with huge litigation and controversy amidst unfavorable administrative issues for a leader whose people find unfit to lead . This was the case of Rufus Anderson of  the Liberia Basketball Association.

President elect Abraham Samukai ,for LBA

November 2019 ,will go down into the history book of basketball in Liberia ,as the wave change through the ballot box of election brought in a new leadership and a leadership many think will bring progress  but above all basketball development in Liberia . The elections was held over the weekend at the Palm Springs Hotel in Monrovia .

Abraham Samukai is president elect for the Liberia Basketball Association , his leadership has been given a four years mandate to steer the affairs of the assocaition , considering the low interest for the game ,a game the was one time the love of many sports fans across the nation .

The K-Delta female basketball club owner, Abraham Samukai  ,his running mates, Henry Fahnbulleh for Vice President for Operations, Sampson Bernard for treasurer, Comfort Wilson for financial secretary, and Hannah Harris as chaplain, also be elected after an  unopposed race to for leadership of the LBA .

Disqualified Rufus Anderson,  by the elections commission headed by Moifee Kanneh was ineligible for the election . The commission’s decision to disqualify Anderson, along with his vice-presidential mate for operations, Bruce Quaye, and treasurer, Jairus Harris, was as as result of  what head of election commission at the congress headed by legal personal Kanneh ,termed as a fraud. Kanneh disclosed that the  commission’s decision .

The Congress and elections activities lasted over eight hours. According to the commission, the Anderson team reported that its money for election registrations was deposited into the association’s account, instead of making direct payment to the Elections Commission’s account as agreed. Upon verification, it was discovered that the money was deposited at the LBDI Bank on Nov. 23, only to be withdrawn an hour later without the commission’s knowledge. Such an act, according to Kanneh, was fraudulent and a basis for disqualification of all parties involved. With this bold decision by the commission, the way was paved for Abraham Samukai to run uncontested as president.

Including accused of financial impropriety, following the hosting of a West Africa basketball tournament in Monrovia in which U$15,000 was unaccounted for, and questions were also raised on the expenditure of U$70,000 provided by the Liberian government.The crisis is yet to be resolved, the Ministry of Youth & Sports, though has banned all basketball activities and provided U$11,500 and Ld56,000 to the administration that had been unable to provide proper accountability to the previous U85,000 for a trip to Nigeria recently.According to our research but with election of new leadership ,it can be assumed that all charge will faced out .

As was expected, Anderson, who was seeking a third term along with his running mates, contested the commission’s decision on grounds that it lacked any authority or mandate to check the accounts of the association without its knowledge, and that the commission overstepped its bounds as a neutral party. Anderson also accused the commission’s chair of plotting to oust him, and therefore withdrew from the process until further investigation.

In all 25 ,Twenty-five stakeholders voted in favor of continuation of Congress, while 20 voted to end Congress.The result was a landslide victory for Samukai and his entire team.

Source: Sports Desk

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