Deputy Minister for Sports Andy Quamie term court injunction “unfair.”

A Presidential candidate in the just halted Liberia Football Association (LFA) Elections Musa Shannon, is urging stakeholders to stay clam whilst the due process of litigation goes on,whilst extending his heartfelt and sincere commendation to football stakeholders who continue to demonstrate exclusive commitment in the potential of Candidate Shannon.

He believes that the voting performance of the football stakeholders at the LFA’s 23rd Elective Congress further validates Candidate Shannon’s vision for the improvement of Liberian football; and that such trustworthiness cannot go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, the candidate  is also urging the LFA’s Election Appeal Committee to ensure that an immediate investigation regarding violations and the eligibility of a candidate raised by Candidate Solo, is launched, and a subsequent decision is made public. The TEAM warns against procrastinating a ruling from the Election Appeal Committee. We believe that any attempt to delay or dodge such legally required procedures has the propensity to hamper the image of Liberian Football.

“We think that a timely determination into official complaints filed to the Election Appeal Committee is in the best interest of Liberian Football, and enhances the forward match of a new dispensation of Liberia’s football development.” It can recall at the eleventh hour on Saturday the Civil Law court in Monrovia placed a stay order on the Liberian Football Association (LFA) presidential election run-off.

In the first round of the vote Mustapha Raji of LISCR FC emerged winner with 16 votes followed by Musa Shannon (13) and George Solo (5). But the candidates fell short of two-thirds majority votes (18) required by law for an outright victory, prompting a run-off in which a simple majority carries the day.

The two top candidates Raji and Shannon were poised to face-off in the run-off until Solo emerged with a court injunction halting the process minutes before it could start. FIFA statutes prohibits use of ordinary courts to settle football matters unless under certain circumstances.

According to Solo, who is an ex-international, he made the move since Raji is not a degree holder as required by LFA statutes.He further alleged that the LISCR FC President did not go through the proper vetting process and as a result the electoral process in not “clean” and “credible.” “I went through all the processes from day one ranging from integrity test, nationality and educational checks before the bodies set up for the election as mandated by the LFA constitution.”

Liberia’s Deputy Minister for Sports Andy Quamie, who hailed the process as “clean”, “fair” and “transparent” termed the court injunction “unfair.”“The people of Liberia deserve better than this,” Quamie, who served the FA previously as the spokesperson added.

Despite the injunction, the LFA Elections Committee was able to complete the process of Vice President for Admiration (VPA), Vice President for Operation (VPO) and Executive Committee.


Those elected to the Executive Committee are; Beatrice Kpoto (31), Paywala Janyan (29), Quiwu Pepci Yeke (27), Kerlie Miller (24), Nyemah Nyanway (21), Cllr. Joseph M. Kollie (21), Ivan Brown (20), Kelvin Bayoh (20), Henry B. Flomo (20).

Earth Angel’s President, Judie Seton was elected on a white ballot for the women seat at the EC.
source|FOCUS Website

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