LFA election 2018: A Debate for change ?

The presidential debate for the three candidates who are seeking the presidency of the Liberia Football Association is scheduled for next week Tuesday and Wednesday (April 10, 11) in Monrovia and the elections are scheduled on Saturday, April, 14.

Qualified candidates are  present Acting President -Mr. Musa Shannon, (presently vice president for administration ) Mr. Mustapha Raji, and Mr. George Solo.

What will the debate center on? Likely, it will be on the candidates’ individual’s vision for the LFA, if elected; how they see the development of the game, and what they can do differently than what has been done to change the course of football development.

It will also include what they have contributed to football and what they are doing for football and how they would carry out their objectives if elected. It is obvious that out of the three, one candidate may come out victorious and therefore stakeholders are expected to listen carefully to what the three men would articulate, based on their past and current records. They have to sound believable, you know.

For example, if a candidate says ‘I will make sure that coaches receive the best attention,’ the obvious implication could be, ‘what has he done for coaches that he could do more for them if elected?’

In their past, what did they do for football that they would want to do more or even better if elected as their contribution towards the capacity building for coaches, players, and referees?

The three men are expected to sell their ideas and what they stand for to the stakeholders on how they will move the country’s football forward. They will also address their sources of income, though they may not be expected to use their personal funds to run the FA. In an era of pro-poor governance, creative ideas for money cannot be overlooked!

Another important question that may come up is what they would do to upgrade the current status of the national league. In fact, the Musa Bility Administration on occasions had difficulties ending the national league.

How can that not be repeated in the future? And another important question is how they can, on their own vision, do to lift youth football to another level? The candidates’ individual support to players, coaches and team officials, if they are presidents of clubs will be highlighted. How have they treated coaches? How accessible have they been to those that have worked under them?

The candidates will explore their visions for Liberian football and how they will take advantage of the youthful population to set a positive agenda for them.

Another issue that they may come up is how they will work with the House of Representatives, Youth & Sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilson and President George Weah to get what is necessary for football development.

Also to be addressed will be how to attract many soccer fans back to support local football. Then there is a floating idea of involving all the 15 counties in the national league? There have been ideas here and there that Liberian football could be rescued once counties’ teams are elevated to first division teams. How could that be?

Do we have quality roads enough, along with stadia that could accommodate that idea? Are the candidates ready to make use of former soccer players to transform the game throughout the country? Could they explain the cost and how they would get resources for that?

What about their international contacts? Which contacts do they have and what can they specifically get to address their concerns?

What can they do to get the Liberian government in the wake of its pro-poor agenda to pump money into developing the game?

And finally, what has been their level of support to young players who have sought to play their careers abroad? Have any of them helped any young player to go abroad to follow their soccer dream? What in this particular case did they do?

Where will Liberia be in at the end of the first four years of their respective administration? What about the female soccer teams?

So, these and many other questions not mentioned here would be the issues that the three candidates, who are obviously the best Liberia soccer administration can offer now, will highlight to convince the electorates that they are ready to lead the Liberia Football Association for the next four years.

source|Omari Jackson

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