Liberia opponent Congo RD without a coach

At 37 days of the second day of the CAN 2019 qualifying campaign, the RD-Congolaise selection is officially without a coach. Florent Ibenge, who handles current affairs, has not had a contract since February 2018. From then on, the dice are launched as to the probable future coach of the Leopards. To the governing bodies, no sign of white smoke on the horizon.

The match will be played between 3  to 11 Sept. 2018 .Group G of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualification tournament will be one of the 12 groups to decide the teams which qualify for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations finals tournament. The group consists of four teams: DR Congo, Congo, Zimbabwe, and Liberia.The teams play against each other in home-and-away round-robin format between June 2017 and March 2019.The group winner and runner-up qualifies for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

The showdown between the Ministry of Sports and FECOFA, culminating in the last two rallies (against Tanzania and Nigeria, ed), is not close to end. And as it is often said, when two elephants fight, it is the herbs that suffer, in this case, the national selection so the victim expiatory states of mind of decision makers.

However, just a month away from a game that is already decisive, the batteries seem to be set in motion to decant the situation and find a compromise, the future of the national team depends on it. In this poker game, four names emerge from the contenders for the national coach’s tunic. What is already certain, the next coach, will be of RD-Congolese nationality or origin, a sine qua non condition posed by both parties. So who are the four suitors?

Ibenge, the choice of FECOFA
Disavowed by almost all professional players, Florent Ibenge is a candidate for his own succession. The man who had promised not to ask for a contract if he failed to lead the team in Russia knows how to play with words. Recently in an interview given to our colleagues at Leopard Leader Foot, Ibenge nuanced. According to him, not asking for a contract does not mean refusing the one you are offered. The national team can not remain without coach and there is tacit renewal of his contract when no replacement is found, he tried to explain. Disavowed by almost all expatriate players – we will always remember the famous Excuse our ambition launched by Bakambu on his Facebook page – Ibenge still retains the support of the Fed. However, according to our sources, his re-appointment would be conditioned by his resignation from Vita Club, which seems less likely at present.

Makelele, the choice of players
Former French international and 2006 World Cup finalist Claude Makelele, 45, has hung up his crampons and is trying to make a name for himself on the bench. In his 8-year coaching career, the former Real Madrid midfielder has had 3 championships and 5 different clubs. Makelele wants this job, he dreams about it. If he has not served the country of his parents as a player, he wants to do it as a coach. Bargain for the players, a generation that saw him play for the Kebano, Bakambu, Weaver and Co., Makelele is a model. What could be happier than being surrounded by her idol? Casemiro knows something about it. His detractors, including a good part of the Fede, do not see him favorably. According to them, he has no high-level benchmark as a coach. Argument swept by his supporters who argue that Florent Ibenge was worse in its early days, without experience or winners. They even go so far as to evoke the Hervé Renard case law. The man who won two CAN and is considered the best coach in Africa had a fiasco in Ligue 1 with Sochaux. At present, Claude Makelele is a step up from his competitors, because he meets the desiderata of the players as posted in their memo. However, it will take a financial effort to snatch Makelele from Kas Eupen.

Nsengi, without support but with marker
Christian Nsengi Biembe is no longer to present in the circles of fans of Congolese football. Former coach of the AS Vita Club, he is now U-23 coach and deputy of Ibenge, in charge of coaching players in Europe. This fine tactician has the merit of having discovered and supervised this generation. At the head of the Leopards wing Europe, he was at the origin of the friendly match DRC vs France A ‘from which was born the generation Marbella. The Congolese do not forget the two victories in friendly Leopards A against Nigeria and Gabon, two matches that took place under his technical supervision while Ibenge and Zahera preferred to compete in Kinshasa on behalf of the derby Kinois . For many Congolese, these two matches are the most technically successful Leopards in the last ten years. However, Nsengi’s candidacy suffers from a lack of support, initially raised by the Ministry of Sports and some of the players, but is now an orphan. The Ministry of Sports preferring to appear neutral to win the right of choice and players almost all aligning behind Makelele.

Mihayo, the spoiler
Trained locally, Pamphile Mihayo knows a meteoric rise in TP Mazembe. Captain become


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