“My Records At LFA Will Speak For Me” – Bility Clarifies Report

The former Liberia Football Association president, Mr. Musa Bility, has tried to set the record straight by saying he left the Football House with great integrity. Bility added that he was never involved with tax fraud.

Bility was responding to current LFA president Mustapha Raji, who disclosed to journalists at his first press conference, that the LFA was involved in tax fraud by not paying employees’ taxes to government over the past eight years of his immediate past administration.

Raji also disclosed that he met one vehicle at the LFA but a total of US$195,000 was reflected on the financial book of the LFA for several cars which are not visible.

“We join the Association and met one vehicle. The audit report shows that we have several vehicles, amounting to US$195,000 reflecting on the financial report. Those cars are not available. Only one and this is still in question because we received a communication from  Africa Motors, the dealer, that we are indebted  to them,” Raji said.

According to him, they are working with Africa Motors to see how to arrange payment plans, but disclosed that their team is now looking at the possibility of paying the amount if it is justifiable.

Speaking to a loacl daily, Musa Bility said   he left good financial records at the LFA and is open to audit.“My record at the LFA will speak for me; I was never involved with fraud at the LFA.” Bility said.

He admitted that there were some issues in the financial department, which FIFA had to put the country on restriction.“I am only hearing this as rumors and the LFA has not approached me personally on this issue of debates.”“I give one promise to Raji that I will not be involved in any fraud at the LFA if he sees one he should make it public.”

“I am challenging the LFA if they see any document of fraud involving me during my time at the LFA, let them make it public. But to make a statement without facts, is unfair to my character,” the former LFA boss said.

According to Bility, he did not take any money as pay from the LFA or per diem during his eight years as president of the Football House. He insisted that he used to use his personal money when he traveled.

Document in their shows that the LFA owes Africa Motors US$35,000 for one Toyota Hillux Double Cabin Pick-up and not US$195,000 for 12 vehicles.

A communication dated February 8, 2018 from the LFA to the dealer Africa Motors states, “The LFA informs you that the Executive Committee at its regular meeting held on February 5, 2018 decided that given the huge financial burdens that this transaction puts on the LFA, the LFA will retain and financially be responsible for only one vehicles purchased from Africa Motors on credit.”

The communication furthers that it was also agreed by the EC that the remaining vehicles be turned over to Musa Bility, who will assume full financial responsibility of the balanced 12 cars and he Bility was going to make direct payment to Africa Motors in his name.

With such communication from the Football House to Africa Motors, one may wonder why over US$195,000 will reflect on the financial record of the LFA instead of US$35,000 .


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