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Solo Runs to Court -LFA Election ends with Injunction -2 Votes Delay Raji

Shannon Briefly Off the Hook-It was a rather tense moment when stakeholders.converged at the SKD on Saturday April 14 with 34 of them eligible voters, coming up to vote for various candidates for the President, Vice President for Administration, Vice President for Operation and ten Executive Committee members as said officers would lead the LFA for a four year period.

The congress which was expected to start by 9:am prompt, had to start more than an hour and the half late due to the late arrival of the president of the FA Musa Hassan Bility who chaired the program.

In cutting a potential long story short, Change seems to be getting the better of contuinity as many new faces are on board at the local football house with Shannon squeezing to the Run -off after Mustapha Raji could not get the 17 plus one vote required to be declared winner ending with 16 votes to Musa Shannon’s 13. Wilmot Smith is the new head of the technical sector of the FA as he won the Vice President for Operations seat with an eight vote margin ahead of Bishop John Klayee and Ansu Dulleh, a proof that “Ebola Ghost” has haunted two Bility allies.

Sekou Wleh Konneh with 19 votes over Invincible Eleven president Sekou Keita, Ciatta Bishop and Adolphus Dolo is the head of the administrative arm of the FA winning with nine votes margin.

Solo Runs to Court
Failed politician George Solo caused more drama when he led a campaign for a rate of injunction, causing elections officers to inform.stakeholders as the process immediately ended. Solo who surprisingly accumulated five votes, was always the underdog in the race,.but for him to get additional four votes since it is understood he should have had just one as he voted for himself on the ticket of Nimba FC, the deception in the game here continues.

Meanwhile, angry supporters of George Solo were reportedly seen on Saturday evening after the congress, pursuing some stakeholders who they said received “huge cash” from their camp, but never voted for them as they expected a win. Eyewitnesses say a president of one of the female clubs was openly placed on the wall with some money taken from him as he and others were branded as being “deceitful” by angry men claiming to be body guards of overnight administrator George Solo.

For the Executive Committee posts, nine persons sailed through in the elections that comprised 15 with Keitrace FC president Beatrice Kpoto amassing the highest votes, 31, followed by Pawala Jayan of grass root football and Quiwu Pepci Yeke of Small Town International with 29 and 27 votes respectively.
Former Mighty Barrolle Team Manager Kerlie Miller and Cllr. Joseph Kollie from the Liberia Football Referees Association got 24 and 21 votes each with journalist Henry Flomo, NPA president Nyemah Nyanway and Tony FC Anthony Deinukar completing the listing. For the record, only Cllr. Kollie retianed his post as EC, an evidence of change sweeping across Liberian football.

On the over all, the ten EC slots have being filled. One of those ten slots is exclusively for female football with Judi Seeton being selected by her colleagues. She therefore went on a white ballot at the congress.

Source|Wleh Bedell

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